All That Glitters - Mermaid Mix Glitter Pot


Genoa's officially teamed up with a local glitter company! All That Glitters is based on the Isle of Wight, just a short trip away from Genoa, based in Portsmouth, UK. The perfect coupling to get you sassy festivals babes fixed up with your outfit & your glitter. Ya welcome!

Mermaid Mix Glitter Pot

A chunky, mix of iridescent lilac, holographic turquoise and silver. Featuring 6mm, 4mm, 3mm holographic hexagons, and a nice blend of fine glitter. The perfect combo for the ultimate merbabe face glam ✨ All 100% cosmetic grade, vegan friendly and cruelty free- super sassy and sparkly ✨ Apply with a dab of Vaseline on the skin, and be sure not to go too close to your inner eye, perfect for your; face, hair, body and nails!